Note on battery disposal

The symbol of the crossed-out garbage can on batteries or accumulators means that they must not be disposed of with household waste at the end of their service life. If batteries or accumulators contain mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd) or lead (Pb), you will find the respective chemical symbol below the symbol of the crossed-out garbage can. You are legally obliged to return old batteries and accumulators after use. You can do this free of charge in the retail shop or at another collection point near you. You can obtain addresses of suitable collection points from your city or local authority.

Batteries can contain substances that are harmful to the environment and human health. Special care is required due to the special risks involved in handling lithium-containing batteries. The separate collection and recycling of old batteries and accumulators is intended to avoid negative effects on the environment and human health.

Please avoid the generation of waste from old batteries as much as possible, e.g. by giving preference to batteries with a longer lifespan or rechargeable batteries. Please avoid littering public spaces by not carelessly leaving batteries or battery-containing electrical and electronic devices lying around. Please check options for recycling a battery instead of disposing of it, for example by reconditioning or repairing the battery.

Further information on the Battery Act can also be found on the Internet at

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rooq box, Sensoren & Straps

You put the sensors in the little pockets of your straps. Zack. Ready. IMPORTANT: Make sure you put your sensors and straps on properly! On the ROOQ Shop homepage you will find instructions on how to put on the sensors correctly.

Your ROOQs are clever and automatically know which side they are worn on.

Your ROOQs weigh 12 grams, are 4.2 cm high, 3.2 cm wide and 9 mm thick.

Yes, you should still use the ROOQ Straps so that the sensors are in the right place and the recording is recorded correctly. You can of course also wrap your own bandages over these.

Of course! The ROOQs were specially developed for use in boxing.

Oh yes, you should! The data that ROOQ provides you after the sparring is indispensable. It is precisely with the help of this data that you can truly analyze your sparring.

#ROOQTIPP: Record your sparring with your mobile phone camera and later compare the data from your ROOQ APP with the video. You can even analyze the data of the individual rounds in your ROOQ APP and compare them with the respective sparring round. For example: how many times you hit in the 2nd round and how it affected your opponent.

Your sensors are protected against water jets. This means you can hold them under running water or wipe them off with a wet rag. This will not affect the function of the sensors.

Washing machine - 40 degrees - done. Of course hand washing is better.

That's easy. Just grab a lint-free cloth and wipe your sensors.

Just write us a message about our contact form and together we will find a solution to your problem.

Attention athletes: Your sensors can be worn by anyone, but the sensors are linked to your profile. Your performance data will be falsified.

Yes, every workout can be recorded with your ROOQs - no matter where, no matter what time. You only need an internet connection to evaluate your data.

Not yet, but we are already working on further developing our technology.


Quite simply via Bluetooth. Just follow the instructions in your app.

Your recorded data is transmitted directly to your ROOQ app via Bluetooth in highly encrypted form.

The recorded data is cached on your smartphone - even without a stable internet connection. However, you can only fully view your data in the app once you have synchronized it with the ROOQ Cloud.

You can view and manage your data via your app. And that is top secret. Only you can do that.

Naturally! There will be regular updates for the app and your sensors will get automatic updates via the app. With the help of your feedback and that of #ROOQNATION, we are constantly working on improving the APP and fixing bugs.

The ROOQ App is free and is part of the ROOQ Box. Just go to your App/Play Store and search for ROOQ.

A good question. We calculate the physical impulse value, also called "impact". And we can only do that because we are able to calculate the speed for each of your shots. The rest is ROOQ magic. We deliberately chose the impulse value because it is based on the player's shot performance and not on the softness or hardness of the target being hit.

The ROOQ Score summarizes an athlete's shot parameters in the course of a free practice session into one value. The ROOQ Score enables athletes and coaches to compare the boxing-specific output of athletes in the same training session or in different training sessions with, for example, the same goal over time at a glance.

Clear! It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a pro. Everyone benefits from their ROOQ training data.

Our algorithms are based on personal values. In order for the calculation bases to be optimal, we need your specific values or information.

The ROOQ APP can show you more than 50 stroke statistics! Among other things, your impact power, impact speed, number of impacts, impact variation and much more... Take a look at the homepage to see what ROOQ can do.

Payment & Refund

You can return products that you received in the ROOQ online shop within 30 days of receipt of the goods. No reasons need to be given for this. If you do want to give reasons, this can help us to optimize our service for you. The following requirements and conditions apply so that you can make a return: The product must be original and fully packaged. An invoice must be available in order to be able to trace the purchase.

Please contact ROOQ Support Team via our contact form for the return form.

You have the option to submit a return to UPS within 30 days of receipt of the product. For this, please contact our ROOQ support team via the contact form. If there are technical problems with your product, you can contact us at any time and even after this period.

If you return faulty goods or within 30 days of receipt, we will of course refund your shipping costs. If you ordered by express shipping, we will refund you the fees for the cheapest shipping option.

You will get your money back the same way you paid for your order. This process starts as soon as we receive your package. If you have not received a refund, please contact via the contact form to our ROOQ support team.

So far we are only represented online, so we ask you to return the goods online.

Scroll down to the footer of this page to find out which payment methods we offer.

Please contact ROOQ Support Team via our Contact form.

Yes, within the EU an invoice with VAT will be issued.

order & delivery

As soon as you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email from us that we have received your order. It's best to check your spam folder as well - just to be on the safe side.

You should receive the following emails: 1. Order confirmation 2. Invoice 3. Shipping confirmation with tracking link.

As soon as your ROOQ Box is on its way to you, you will receive all information about your delivery including tracking ID by email. You can then see exactly where your box is by clicking on the link.

You can still change and cancel everything before the payment process, but unfortunately this is no longer possible afterwards, as we are also bound to automatisms from this moment on.

here you can find our list of countries.

UPS ships the ROOQ Experience all over the world for us.

You have the option of using standard UPS shipping. But if you can't wait, you can of course also use UPS express shipping. Your delivery price will be shown to you in the checkout process.

Just write us about that contact form a message. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

Yes, your delivery address may differ from your billing address. However, both addresses should be in the same country.

As of now, we don't have the ability to sell gift cards. But we are working on possibilities.

Yes, of couse! A quick guide is included in the scope of delivery.

data security

Data security is our alpha topic. All data is only transmitted in encrypted form. Data storage and data processing takes place on high-security servers and in accordance with the GDPR.

As an athlete, you decide which data your coach gets. Your coach must of course have a seat for you, which means an active subscription in the coaching zone.

That's up to you. As soon as you stop sharing your data, your coach will no longer receive any data. Of course, it also applies here that your coach has an active subscription (a seat) for you.

Our algorithms are based on personal values. In order for the calculation bases to be optimal, we need your specific values or information.